Welcome to a Wonderful Whyser World

Whyser Innovation Solutions for your
Company competitive advantage in
this challenging business world.

Welcome to a Wonderful Whyser World

Whyser Innovation Solutions for your Company’s competitive advantage in this challenging business world.


Is the ultimate question. Children learn mostly by keep asking Why? While becoming adults and in most organizations we reduce significantly the use of the Why question. This is part of growing, it’s social biased, educational deficit and standard behaviour or just because people get more defensive. Decreasing the use of Whys? reduces dramatically our learning and development. Why do we do this? Why do we do it this way? Why do we need this? Why don’t we do it this way?, etc. Why? is the opening and the ultimate question we should keep asking to improve anything and to keep learning more and better than our competitors and implementing the best strategies, products and services.


Wise might be defined as an ability to discern inner qualities and relationships having knowledge and good sense. Being Wiser might be understood as applying these qualities better than others, assuring competitive advantages over them.


Companies cannot keep growing through cost reduction and reengineering alone over long time. Innovation is the key element in providing sustainable and differentiated top-line growth, and for increasing bottom-line results.

• 'Innovation is a change that creates a new dimension of performance’ Peter Drucker;

• ‘Innovation is the lifeblood of any organization, without it, not only is no growth, but, inevitably, a slow death.’ Don Sheelen;

• ‘Strategic innovation is the discovery of a new way of playing the game in your business, is the discovery of a new "who-what-how" position in the business - a position that all other competitors have missed. By discovery of this new position, we discover an untapped source of value in our industry.’ Costas Markides.


Is the ability to maintain a fresh curiosity, asking Why something is needed for and quest buy clone rolex online to discover its fundamental value, being wiser than competitors to achieve a sustainable an untapped source of value creation through innovation.

Be very Welcome to this new Wonderful Whyser World.

Be a part of it.

Be Whyser; Get Whyser!


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