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Whyser works with Property Managers to enhance many efficiency gains, higher income at core business and the development of new revenue streams.

Simplistically, after development, Shopping Centres core business is about letting space to tenants distributed in an optimized mix to fit customer needs and driving traffic to their shop door.

There are three different dimensions where we can operate to generate higher value creation:

• Developing innovative strategies to generate higher shops’ sales, will lead you in the long run to have higher rents (being fixed or turnover);

• Besides shop rents, there are many non rental revenue streams property managers should explore to achieve higher asset returns. Non rental income was not a big matter until recent pressures and needs to deliver higher return on properties. Some Real Estate companies are organized and dedicating resources to exploit this area that might easily represent on average 6% of all shopping mall revenues and up to 12% in some properties;

• Also, there are ways and tools to allow you to improve dramatically the quality of your management and the services you provide to both tenants and visitors;

• And there are many opportunities to align all these actions with cost reductions and the benefit of being able to take better decisions based on easier to use and higher quality information.

You shall expect Whyser to help you understand and implement innovative solutions to improve your business, both on the return and cost sides.

Whyser – Malls Innovation Solutions helps you to drive your brick and mortar building, not only to a smart mall, but to a brighter Whyser Mall, simultaneously increasing your revenues and reducing your costs.

Whyser – Mall innovation Solutions also helps you to develop your non rental income, developing new revenue streams and pushing further the actual property return.

These are a set of Innovation Solutions implemented successfully in the Shopping Centre Industry in many different markets and recognized by ICSC with a set of MAXI and SOLAL awards that have direct bottom line impact on your core business.

Check some of the Whyser – Mall Innovation Solutions and be Welcome to a Wonderful Whyser Mall era!

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